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Growing livelihoods from a former dump site

A group of staff volunteers from The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Quivertree Publications and Food & Trees converged at the Lenin St Market Garden in Alexandra. The City of Joburg (Social Development) and 105 Ward Councillor have supported this initiative since April, along with Urban Fresh. Together the group paid tribute to the incredible work accomplished on the ground by a group of committed women who farm in this urban setting.

It is difficult to believe that the fields of lush veggies, fertile soil and abundant fruit trees are flourishing in what was once a dumping site. Expansions included an onsite cold room, tool shed and the small roadside shop which displays and sells veggie produce, freshly picked along with pickles and herbs.

The project members are made up, in the majority, by women who constitute 7 co-ops who are creating a livelihood for themselves.Their passion is evident in the seriousness with which they speak about their project. They are fiercely proud and rightly so. Garnering R500 per day on average, the market garden has filled a niche within the Alex community.

The permaculture training will instil a valuable set of skills which will ensure healthy happy soil and a continued, sustainable project. Violet, Sina and the others, chuckle as they say 'We are not gogos anymore, we are farmers'.

Proceeds of sales of the Great South African Cookbook will see this garden, the first of ten beneficiaries, to receive additional training, seedlings, compost and mentoring.
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African Climate Reality Project finding new ways to promote Renewable Energy
African Climate Reality Project
Introducing more renewable energy into the energy mix of African countries is urgently needed to reduce our carbon emissions and avoid the extreme impacts of runaway climate change. ACRP’s new campaign on The Success of Renewable Energies in Africa aims at increasing the understanding surrounding the far-reaching implications of African countries’ choice of their energy system – and particularly the positive effects of renewable energy – in terms of sustainability (greenhouse gas emissions, water usage), jobs and livelihoods, health, access to electricity for all, transparency, to name a few! Read more
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Food and Trees for Africa Plants a Growing Green Legacy
Trees for All Programme
Food & Trees for Africa have been planting trees since 1990. 4.5 million is a number we mention frequently - the number of trees planted to date. Although impressive, this metric is meaningless without the impact stories that accompany it. The stories of growing pools of shade, harvests of fruit, watering and nurturing and learning through care for trees.
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FTFA Mourns the Loss of "Ntati Joe"
Joseph Matimba, 48, a pioneer of permaculture in South Africa, was killed in a tragic bus accident in Zimbabwe on 5 April 2017. After weeks of trying to find out what had become of Mr Matimba, the terrible news that he was travelling on a Johannesburg-bound Proliner Bus that had crashed and burned was confirmed on 26 April when Mr Matimba’s name appeared in the official list of the 31 victims of the fatal accident.
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Coronation Fund Managers Greening Mamelodi
Trees for Homes
Coronation Fund Managers and Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) are celebrating Earth Day by planting 1 500 trees nationwide. Coronation has noticed that presentation print-outs and flyers are often discarded by delegates at its regular conferences. This year, Coronation is donating the money that would have been spent on conference packs to low-income communities which have applied for trees. This intervention will create temporary employment, green the environment, and reduce its environmental impact. The trees will sequester 553.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
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Joburg Can
African Climate Reality Project
Residents of Johannesburg are urged to get behind the call to switch the city to 100% renewable energy by 2050. This campaign urges Johannesburg to divest from fossil fuels and prioritise climate-friendly, affordable energy generation technologies such as solar and wind. Moving Johannesburg towards 100% renewables isn’t just about reducing the carbon footprint of our energy sector. It is also about creating jobs and improving the living conditions & health of the residents.The initiative is a collaboration between the African Climate Reality Project hosted by Food & Trees for Africa, and the Climate Action Network International (CAN). Read more
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