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trees for allThis programme greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools and other community centres into healthier more sustainable environments. FTFA responds to applications for trees from communities living in barren, dusty townships and delivers trees with instructions on how to plant and maintain them. Millions of trees have been distributed to schools, clinics, old age homes, hospices, police stations and other community centres, but there are calls for many more.

Trees are funded through paperless billing, recycling, percentage of product contributions and carbon offset. Individuals and companies give trees and receive certificates for themselves, or as gifts for others. 

Costs per tree for this programme are R130 all inclusive.

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Food & Trees for Africa has partnered with The New Roots Project who are donating the royalties of their "One World" song to the Trees for All programme. The song has been written by The New Roots Project to support climate change action. The aim is to create awareness throughout the world that we need to look after our planet. . . our One World...
To support us through the New Roots Project's song go to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

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Planting a Growing Legacy in Mandela’s Footsteps

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This year Konica Minolta South Africa are returning to Mandela’s area of birth to donate trees to schools and community centres in the region. Working with their CSI partner, Food & Trees for Africa, Konica Minolta have donated 99 trees to both Qunu and Mvezo near Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. The 99 trees planted in each village commemorate 99 years since Mandela’s birth.

This initiative follows in the wake of 95 trees donated in 2016 to Lamyeni, Alice, Mvezo and Qunu in the Eastern Cape. These are the areas in the Eastern Cape where Madiba spent his formative years, the areas that shaped him into the man that South African’s came to know.
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Food and Trees for Africa Plants a Growing Green Legacy

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Food & Trees for Africa have been planting trees since 1990. 4.5 million is a number we mention frequently - the number of trees planted to date. Although impressive, this metric is meaningless without the impact stories that accompany it. The stories of growing pools of shade, harvests of fruit, watering and nurturing and learning through care for trees.
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