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SA’s 4th Carpool Week, 3-9 October 2016

October is national Transport Month and South Africa’s 4th Carpool Week will take place from 3-9 October 2016.  
Carpool Week will raise awareness and educate on the benefits of carpooling to encourage South Africans to rethink their travel choices for a better country.

Carpool Week was established in 2013 as an annual national initiative that raises awareness and educates on the benefits of carpooling. We hope to encourage South Africans to rethink their travel choices for a better country. Carpool Week is organised by FindaLift, SA’s largest carpool movement, and made possible with the support of various organisations and advocates.

How Carpool Week 2016 works
South Africans are encouraged to take the first step and look for carpool opportunities by committing on www.carpoolweek.co.za. In return Carpool Week will plant trees!
Commit by entering your email address and you will receive a one-off automated email with information on the best ways of finding others to carpool with, safety and insurance tips.

Why you should commit to look for carpool opportunities
•    Carpooling 3500 km will save as much as CO2 as the average tree absorbs in its lifetime
•    Carpool Week will share the easiest way to find a carpool buddy
•    Get entered into a draw to win awesome prizes
•    200 commitments = 1 tree planted!
Visit www.carpoolweek.co.za for more information and to commit.

“There is a common misunderstanding that carpooling takes away your flexibility. In fact you can reap great rewards from carpooling 1 day a week when it suits you, it can save 10% on your fuel bill and emissions while possibly making a friend for life. Small changes can improve our lives and the world we live in.”
Daniel Claassen
Carpool Week Catalyst


Benefits of carpooling/ ridesharing
•    You can save around R100 by sharing 200km with 1 person!
•    Share 3500km and you would have ‘planted’ a TREE!
•    Make new friends, know the gossip ;)
•    You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic. Carpool to reduce traffic
•    Reduce the stress of driving by alternating
Carpool Week Team
Daniel Claassen

Daniel brings 8 years of carpooling & sustainable transport experience to the table. He is an African Climate Leader, founder of FindaLift and catalyst of Carpool Week.
Amongst other achievements Daniel presented on carpooling and Green Travel Panning at the GBCSA Convention, discussed carpooling during Sustainability Week on the Expresso Show, won the Transport Award for FindaLift and sang a carpool karaoke with Premier Helen Zille to promote Carpool Week.
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