Thank you to our sponsors!

meet sponsorsFTFA sincerely thanks all whose support helps us to make a difference. By investing in trees and bamboo to offset carbon dioxide emissions, organic farm development, natural food gardens, sustainable development, climate change and environmental education and awareness, you are making a significant contribution to the empowerment of disadvantaged South African people and our country's present and future well being. With you, FTFA can continue to play a vital role.


Become a Sponsor!

There are many ways to help: join as a member, purchase our products and publications, volunteer, create awareness through the social and conventional media, buy a tree as a gift and send a certificate, or sponsor trees and food gardens. At a corporate level, partnering FTFA in essential projects is an effective way of addressing corporate social investment, enterprise development, black economic empowerment, climate change response and more.

Companies that care find creative ways of contributing such as from paperless billing, a percentage of product sales, asking customers to contribute to offsets or through proceeds derived from recycling paper. Please contact us directly for further information on how you can help.
Thank you!