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The hero lives in you!

By Lineo Thakhisi - Food is the fuel that provides the human body with nutrients to continue to exist much like the work of fuel in a car, food empowers the body. Sadly,the majority of people refill their bodily tanks with food that provides less nourishment, while doing long term damage to their bodies. It is only a small portion of the South Africa’s population that can afford to save themselves from these lifestyles through the making of right choices of food. The majority can only dream of coloring their daily meals with various nutritionally filled food.

South Africa has achieved a lot since 1994 however, food insecurity remains one of the cracks in our nation’s development.

Agricultural adaptation is sadly not developing fast enough to these changes and as a result the change is enabling and multiplying food insecurity as prices of food increases due to the increase of production prices and infustructure. New mechanisms for adapting to the changing conditions through innovation in order to  insure food security in the country  is one  of the issues  on FTFAs agenda and was highlighted in the monthly Green Drinks event.

Guests were addressed by multi-winning science journalist and the author of “Innovation: Shaping South Africa through science”, Sarah Wild, who indicated that her books aims to show where South Africa’ innovation is today and used the Stellenbosch University’s Mariendahl experimental farm as an example.

According to Sarah this experimental farm consist of test beds of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology that consists of mirrors that position themselves independently to receive sun rays that are converted into heat that is stored in molten salt mixture that can be used later when the sun heat is no longer available. Such is similar to the coal  fired power except CSP plant uses sun heat, in addition,  she indicates that research has shown that CSP has the potential to  produce electricity larger than South African power utility Eskom’s fleet of 20 power stations. 

The same stations that are contributing the largest greenhouse gas emissions on the continent.

South Africa has included more renewable energies in its power mix after making a pledge at the 17th congress of the climate change in 2009. Furthermore, the Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has currently reassured the nation that the government would use a large portion of renewable energy in its energy-mix programme. 

In support of this commitment, Kate indicates that “FTFA is increasing the conversation surrounding renewable energy to insure that South African leaders live up to the commitments and it is inviting all South Africans to amplify this conversation because the politicians only listen when people are shouting at them, and currently climate change falls far below on the list of national concerns”.

FTFAs work shows that a hero exists in every one of us and to effectively address food security long term we need to address climate change and it is the responsibility of every world citizen to reduce their carbon footprint as climate change is rapidly moving at the speed that human adaptation has yet to reach.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in her private capacity and do necessarily represent the views of FTFA

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